Kiln Dried Logs Free Local Delivery In The Cotswolds

Kiln Dried Logs Nationwide Delivery – Free Delivery

Walker’s Kiln Dried Boxed Kindling

Why buy kiln dried logs?

700 Hours of Burning*
Therefore you use less logs

Easy to Light 
Because they are much dryer

Produce Less Gas & Smoke
Just a lovely, natural smell

More Energy
40% greater per log on average

Good For Chimneys
Less maintenance

Below 20% Moisture Content 

Why Buy Kiln Dried Logs from Walkers Logs?

Benefits of buying from Walkers Logs

We aim to deliver within 3 working days of your order.
All our wood comes from sustainable sources, we only buy from woodlands that have a felling license and management plan, regulated by the Forestry Commission.
Apart from our own employees, we indirectly employ chainsaw operators, timber harvester drivers, timber extractor drivers and timber hauliers.
It’s 800 miles to Eastern Europe, but only 30 miles to the majority of woodlands we use. Ask us where your wood will come from!
Forestry commission jobs, owned by tax payer, we buy from them, indirectly, effectively ploughing money back into Britain.
…not nasty fossil fuels.
We cut our logs using the most advanced Italian sawing machinery, resulting in uniform length and size, and takes out nearly all the brash (bits of bark and unusable wood). See our machine in action.

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*Based on comparisons between a double load of Kiln Dried and Seasoned wood.
†When burnt on a 5kw wood burning stove at 85% efficiency

Cotswold locally delivered kiln dried logs

Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire & Oxfordshire. Kiln Dried Logs (see delivery area here)
Delivered by our friendly and helpful drivers, in our tipper trucks. This option is the best value if you live within the Cotswolds.

Nationally Delivered Kiln Dried Logs – Free Delivery

(prices include delivery)
Delivery is by a national carrier and is palleted.

Natural Firelighters

(Delivery is free when ordered alongside logs)