Our Stratford delivery lorry

A double load of kiln dried logs bound for Stratford, Wixford, Warwick.

Kiln Dried Logs Stratford Upon Avon

Delivery is FREE on all of our firewood products loose, crated or bagged to CV postcodes, including Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire.

For single and double loose log loads we use a tipper lorry to deliver in the Cotswolds and surroundings, and Stratford Upon Avon is only 30 miles from our yard, and we are there almost every week.

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Loose loads like these make the most economic sense but are not for everyone, so we also sell bagged and crated logs which are also delivered free.

Kiln Dried Logs Stratford

National Log Delivery

All crated and bagged products are available nationwide and delivery is FREE in England and Wales.

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Our kindling is only available if ordered with logs unless large orders of a pallet or more are placed. Each pallet holds 168 boxes. Please contact us if you wish to order by the pallet.


Crated pallets come in wooden crated on a 0.8m x 1.2m pallet, in 2 heights of 1.7m and 1m.


Bagged Logs come on a 1m x 1.2m pallets. They come in 2 heights depending on the quantity of bags. Either approx 1.8m for 80 bags and 1.3m for 50 bags.

Nationwide Delivery Vehicle – England & Wales

Your property must allow for at least a 7.5-tonne vehicle.

Our delivery company will always do their best to deliver where you want the pallet, however without adequate access, delivery will be to the kerbside only. It is not possible to move pallets over rough or soft surfaces such as gravel or grass, or up paths or steep slopes.