If you’d like to sell our Kiln Dried logs?

We produce all of our own logs and kindling, kiln drying the logs to a very low moisture content making fires a lot easier to light and improving the efficiency and heat
of the fire.

At Walkers Logs, we provide:

  • Great value loose logs
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Kiln dried logs – dried to under 20%
  • Logs cut by state of the art machinery resulting in a consistent length and width.
  • Log screening. Our firewood processor screens the wood, to reduce the brash & splinters
  • 100% British hardwood, mainly ash, beech and oak. We don’t use inferior hardwoods such as poplar, willow or chestnut.

We supply our logs in bags, nets, pallets and trailer loads. As well as supplying our quality products to the end user, we also supply our logs and kindling to the trade.

If you would be interested in selling our logs and/or kindling and would like to become a stockist, please contact us for details and prices or call us on 01285 720940.