The Journey of a Walkers Log: From Forest to Fire!

1. The trees are assessed by an expert and chosen which ones to fell and then marked.
2. They are then felled and cut into lengths, usually 8′ or 10′.
3. A tractor and trailer with a crane then comes and picks these lengths up and stacks them at the side of a track or ride.
4. A lorry with a crane will then come and pick up a load, usually weighing about 26 tonnes, and deliver it to our yard.
5. At our yard, we then grade the timber into different sizes to meet the machines specifications that needs to process it.
6. This machine, cuts, splits and conveyors the wood into a large metal cage.
7. This is then forklifted into a kiln drier, where we reduce the moisture down from 60-70%.
8. The wood is then either packaged, or delivered loose straight to the customer.
9. And then burned on your fire!