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Walkers Kiln Dried Logs: Founded in 2005

I started Walker’s Logs in 2005 to supply quality logs and kindling to local customers who found it tricky to find dry wood. My family has been in the Woodburning Stove industry for over 45 years, and there was certainly a huge demand for dry firewood. Our logs are easy to light and give out maximum heat with minimum deposits up the chimney.

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DON’T BUY WATER. Our logs contain less than 20% moisture.

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Specialist Kiln Dried Logs & Firewood

We produce all our own logs and kindling, kiln drying the logs to a very low moisture content. This makes fires a lot easier to light and improves the efficiency and heat output of your fire. Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, we supply our top quality kiln dried firewood and kindling via truck or in one of our bags or crates. We can deliver our bagged and crated goods nationwide on pallets both to homes and business customers.

Walker’s Logs kindling.The perfect way to start your fire.

The Natural Firelighter. Wax coated firelighters will get your fire going.

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Supplying logs locally and nationwide, we have thousands of customers across the UK from Norfolk to Northern Ireland.

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