£400k investment made at Walker’s Logs

In January 2018 we made the decision to increase our cutting capacity by purchasing a new firewood processor. We have purchased another Pezzolato processor, which can cut large diameter tree trunks. We now can easily cut and split timber up to 90cm (36”) diameter.

This is the first machine of its kind in the UK and will make us one of the most versatile firewood companies in the country, taking timber from 10cm in diameter up to 90cm. The process is completed in a “single pass” and produces a very regular shaped log.

We received £50,000 from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development towards the purchase of the machine.

We have also ordered a new purpose-built log handler, which we are expecting in October. This will enable us to handle large tree trunks that weigh in excess of 4 tonnes, it will also improve efficiency when we are unloading lorries of raw material.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development