Importing wood would make life so much easier, so why don’t we?

Well, to be honest, there are a host of reasons; from keeping it local by supporting local foresters, to keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. Also, it gives me a good feeling, keeping it local feels the right thing to do.

screenshot-2016-09-14-at-09-47-25Now there is another little known reason why imported wood could be a threat to the local forestry economy and this one is biological not financial; The emerald ash borer beetle, which is a prolific destroyer of ash trees on the continent and North America, has so far been kept at bay on these islands. Logs imported into the UK may be harbouring the beetle and could cause devastation to our ash forests, along the same lines that the Dutch Elm disease decimated elm trees here 40 years ago.

Now it isn’t like the Daily Mail to scaremonger, but here is their take on the danger of importing wood fuel.

Article: Trendy Stove Boom Sparks Fears

I’m trying to see past their sneering contempt for ‘trendy’ stove owners, to see the real story, and I won’t even comment on their comments!


This is why we subscribe to Grown in Britain, who ensure our wood is sustainably produced, locally. There is really no point burning carbon-neutral, logs if they are shipped in from thousands of miles away.

Furthermore, the standard of our kiln dried logs meets stringent quality measures laid down by Woodsure who audit our processes.

WoodsureSo if you buy logs without wondering where they came from, and what processes they’ve been through, you might be bringing unwanted bugs into your home. Our Kiln dried logs are not ridden with bugs, as the high temperature in the kiln kills them, and at Walkers Logs we only use British trees forested to high environmental standards. Always will.

Fred Walker