Walker’s Logs: Behind the Trees


As a family, we have been in the Woodburning Stove industry for over 45 years, so when we discovered that many of our local customers were struggling to find good quality, dry wood to burn, we decided to help. Since 2005 we have been supplying high quality kiln dried logs and kindling [...]

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£400k investment made at Walker’s Logs


£400k investment made at Walker’s Logs In January 2018 we made the decision to increase our cutting capacity by purchasing a new firewood processor. We have purchased another Pezzolato processor, which can cut large diameter tree trunks. We now can easily cut and split timber up to 90cm [...]

£400k investment made at Walker’s Logs2018-06-04T16:20:24+01:00

Great British Timber


New Firewood Warehouse Here at Walker's Logs we like to buy British. All the wood that we use for our kiln dried firewood, is sourced from British Woodlands. That is why when we needed some pressure treated sleepers for a new warehouse, and posts for mounting lights on we turned to Charles Ransford and [...]

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Walkers don’t buy imported wood, and this is why?


Importing wood would make life so much easier, so why don't we? Well, to be honest, there are a host of reasons; from keeping it local by supporting local foresters, to keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. Also, it gives me a good feeling, keeping it local feels the right thing to do. Now there is [...]

Walkers don’t buy imported wood, and this is why?2016-11-03T17:04:51+01:00

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