Summer is the best time to buy our

logs, and here’s why…

Buying logs during the summer months might be the last thing on your mind. The sun is shining and it’s warm, why would you need to buy logs?

kiln dried logs cotswolds

Longer Days

During the summer months we have more hours of daylight, meaning you have more hours in the evenings to get your logs packed away. There’s no pressure to beat the darkness in the evenings or having to wait for a delivery slot on a Saturday so you can do this when it’s light.

Dry Weather

There’s nothing worse than having to stack away logs when its cold, rainy and even snowing. Ordering logs in the summer means that you can beat the horrible winter weather and stack your logs when its dry and the sun is shining. You can take your time with this and enjoy the weather. Although if you’re not up for the job of stacking your logs, our delivery drivers are able to do this for you for an additional charge, come rain or shine.

Flexible Delivery

If you’re within our local delivery range, we can offer much more flexibility on delivery during the summer months. Winter is always our busiest period, and although we try to get your order to you as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get your order to you when is best suited to you. In the summer we have the availability to be more flexible and try to accommodate deliveries to you.

Better to stock up for the winter

The summer months are the perfect opportunity to stock up on logs ready for the Winter. There will be no need to panic buy when it starts to get cold again, you can sit back and relax with

the stove going. TIP: At Walker’s Logs we advise our customers to place a new order when they are running low on logs and not when they are completely out. We cannot guarantee that your delivery will be with you straight away, having some logs remaining will see you through until we can get your delivery to you.

Kiln dried logs aren’t just for Winter

Kiln dried logs are equally as useful to us in the summer than in the winter. We love a barbecue here at Walkers Logs, as soon as the sun shines and the warm weather is here we all like to go home and fire up the barbecue – our kiln dried logs, kindling and firelighters are perfect for this.

Planning on going on a camping trip? Our kiln dried log bags are a perfect accessory to take with you for a lovely fire during the colder nights and even to cook your supper on!

Our kiln dried logs are also perfect for pizza ovens and open firepits.

Production is well under way at Walker’s Logs

It might be the end of our busy winter period, but here at Walker’s Logs we never stop! The summer is the best time to work the forests, so we are busy receiving plenty of timber and stock piling in our yard. On a busy day, we are receiving 150 tonnes of timber into the yard, some of which is being processed straight away and put into stock for the winter.

All the timber we receive is sourced from surrounding counties. We are currently receiving timber from Stowell Park Estate whose land surrounds our yard. This timber is coming into us from a maximum of two miles away, so it’s super sustainable!

kiln dried logs cotswolds
Kiln dried logs cotswolds

Walker’s Logs Cages

Not only have we been busy stocking up ready for the cold, we’ve been busy creating our own stillages! We have been working on these since April, with a target of 120 to create. Nick has been using 18 tonnes of steel to create these and they are looking great! Once we have finished, these will be loaded with our cut logs ready to hit the kiln.

kiln dried logs cotswolds
kiln dried logs cotswolds
kiln dried logs cotswolds

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