Meet the new members to the Walker’s Logs team…

With the demand for our kiln dried logs growing, we have decided to add to the Walker’s Logs team, with two new members!

Rory has joined us as a production assistant and will also be helping out with some local deliveries in our busier periods. When not working hard at the yard Rory can be found spending his time fishing, or powerlifting.

kiln dried logs cotswolds

George has joined us as a firewood machine operator. When not cutting timber at the yard, George can be found spending his time taking the dog for a long walk.

kiln dried logs cotswolds

Grown In Britain

Here at Walker’s Logs, we want to ensure that our customers are provided with the best quality products that we can produce. That’s why we are proud to display our accreditations and let our customers know what they mean. We have previously gone into detail regarding Woodsure Ready to Burn and in this edition, we will be focusing on Grown in Britain.

kiln dried logs cotswolds

Grown in Britain is an independent certification scheme that is in place to establish and promote sustainable forestry within the UK. They do so by identifying well-managed woodlands and wood that has been grown in Britain in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard (which is the governments UK forestry standard for growing and buying wood within the UK.) There is a range of different benefits to the Grown in Britain scheme being in place.

  • Support is given to woodland owners to assist them with managing their woodlands. This helps woodland owners maintain a good woodland environment. This enables them with felling and selling of sustainable wood to companies who use the Grown in Britain accreditation.
  • There are many benefits to people too. Sustainable timber felled from well-managed woodlands is used to create a range of products that are used daily. Examples being; to use as wood fuel, to create home furnishings and to create building structures. A well-managed woodland also reduces the pollution in the air and provides oxygen.
  • There are also benefits to the economy. According to the Grown in Britain website, the forestry industry employs more than 64,000 people! However, a lot of timber is still being imported which has a negative impact on the economy and the environment too!
  • Importing wood from overseas can harm trees within the UK. This is because deadly diseases and pests can be imported and spread from overseas trees. Purchasing Grown in Britain wood reduces this risk and has a positive impact on the environment. Having well managed and sustainable woodlands helps the environment in many ways. They create a thriving habitat for plants and animals, and they can also help with reducing flooding. You can read more about the benefits of Grown in Britain and what they do on their website.

At Walker’s Logs, we ensure that all the timber we purchase, and use is Grown in Britain. We do not import any wood from overseas and we only use hardwood. This is to ensure that the wood we provide our customers with is pure, sustainable wood and most of the wood we buy comes from less than 50 miles from our yard.

Get stocked up for the cold!

And just like that summer is over, and Autumn is here and the minus figure temperatures of winter will quickly follow! We have already noticed a large increase in the number of orders for deliveries over the past couple of weeks and our deliveries are quickly filling up. Our new Nissan Cabstar has been sign written with the Walker’s Logs logo and will be used for local deliveries. This creates more room for deliveries, but with the increase of orders and deliveries, we would advise placing an order and getting booked in for delivery sooner rather than later!

kiln dried logs cotswolds

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