Our Covid-19 Update:

Here at Walker’s Logs, we have done our very best to remain safe and continue working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and at the moment we have not had any positive covid-19 cases.

At the start of lockdown, we introduced some policies to ensure we could still deliver to our customers as safely as possible.

We are still abiding by these, and as winter approaches, we want to remind all of our customers what to expect when arranging a delivery, or when ordering to collect from us.

kiln dried logs cotswolds
  • We are still offering our stacking service, but we will not be stacking inside customer properties. We can stack outside or into outdoor buildings, such as garages or garden sheds.  We ask that customers keep socially distanced from our drivers when we are delivering.
  • If we experience reduced delivery capacity, we will prioritise elderly customers and customers who use logs for their main source of heat.
  • We are still offering a contact-free collection service; you can place an order for collection by giving the office a call on 01285 720940.

You can see our full Covid-19 policy on our website here.


The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020

We have been informed via Woodsure that the draft legislation for The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020 has passed through The House of Parliament and The House of Lords, meaning it’s closer to becoming law.

The legislation will set out to stop the burning of wet wood and reduce the number of sales of wet wood.

This is intended to come into effect on 1st May 2021, and wood purchased must be dried with a moisture content of 20% or below before it can be used for burning.

Our customers do not need to worry about this! We kiln dry all of our logs to a moisture content below 20%.

No further drying period is needed for our logs, so they are good to start burning once delivery has taken place.

We are just glad to see that this is a step closer to being enforced!

kiln dried logs cotswolds

Grown in Britain

We often get asked where we source our timber from, and we take pride over the fact that we source our raw materials within the UK only and are Grown in Britain accredited.

The Grown in Britain scheme carries out annual audits and checks that the wood being purchased is sustainable and checks that it’s been legally felled.

We spend time sourcing our raw materials to make sure we get the best quality and most sustainable supplies within the UK.

Most of our wood comes from less than 50 miles from our yard.

kiln dried logs cotswolds

Always look for the Grown in Britain accreditation when buying wood, as you know what you’re purchasing has been sourced within Britain and has been sustainability felled.

Be cautious of companies who advertise their wood as UK sourced without this accreditation – always check where your wood has come from and check that it’s not been imported!

kiln dried logs cotswolds

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