Double Load of Hardwood Undersize Offcuts Kiln Dried Logs


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Offcuts, of variable length, same kiln dried quality.

Log Length:   10-20 cm undersized offcuts
Loose Volume:   3.2 m3
Origin:   British
Moisture Content:  Guaranteed below 20 %

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Out of stock

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The load is 3.2m3 volume of beautifully kiln dried firewood. Cut to between 10 and 20cm these are great value for money offcuts of variable length.

Benefits: – Still our great hardwood logs, all kiln dried, smaller logs great for small woodburners, 15% cheaper than a normal single load.

Drawbacks: – Logs are usually smaller, so harder to stack neatly, and may burn faster on large stove/open fire. They’re also not as pretty looking! But more rustic looking!

Top Tip – never buy firewood by weight, as wet logs weigh a lot more than dried ones, and unless the load comes with a weighbridge ticket, you never really know what you are getting.

Why buy from Walker’s Logs?

  • We’ve got great reviews and feedback.
  • We offer a money back guarantee.
  • Our logs are bone dry, you’ll never struggle with damp wood again!
  • We source the wood from local woodlands, cut it, dry it and package it ourselves.
  • We know logs inside out and backwards, we are not just another internet reseller.
  • Our kilns are fired using wood chip, and the wood waste that is a by-product of the logging process is used to dry your logs. No nasty oil fired boilers here!
  • We offer a friendly and speedy delivery service.

Compare  to a double load of kiln dried logs of regular length HERE



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